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A Message to NABC Members

A Message to NABC Members



As you may be aware, recent media reports have raised questions over the NABC’s role in the ongoing college basketball reform efforts and our response to the now-completed federal court proceedings. As such, we felt it prudent to provide you with an update on both the NABC’s efforts to-date, as well as an overview of what comes next.


Throughout the past decade and particularly during the recent period of unrest in our sport, the NABC has strategically taken a low-profile approach to impacting change. Rather than using the media or public sphere to push an agenda, our focus has been on improving the coaching profession’s standing behind the scenes. This strategy has yielded a level of respect and receptivity towards coaches’ feedback within the NCAA governance structure that is at an all-time high. Whatever the issue at hand, coaches have had and continue to occupy a seat at the decision-making table.


With regard to recent college basketball reform, this has included securing coach representation on the Commission on College Basketball and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee. The NABC was invited to present proposals to the Commission – many of which were included in its final report and have since been activated into legislation. The NABC Board of Directors is also having ongoing discussion with the NCAA regarding rules enforcement, transfer policy and the summer recruiting calendar, among other issues.


We often receive inquiries as to why the NABC hasn’t taken action on coaches implicated by the federal trials, whether by public reprimand or more formal disciplinary measures. The answer is multi-layered. First, the NABC has joined the NCAA in allowing the legal process to conclude without intervening. Despite the public rush to judgement, we have always believed the due process rights of coaches – all coaches – must be respected. Second, the NCAA enforcement proceedings have yet to begin in full force, and the NABC furthermore does not possess its own in-house enforcement mechanism.


The NABC Board of Directors remains actively engaged in dialogue on how an effective reprimand and sanctions model should be structured. These discussions will further intensify now that the federal trials have concluded. We are keenly aware that our profession’s reputation, after all, is at stake.


We would like to close with a renewed commitment to transparency. All members deserve to be kept abreast of what steps are being taken by the NABC. Moving forward, we pledge to go to greater lengths to ensure this indeed happens. We would also like to reaffirm the NABC’s receptivity to member feedback. Whatever your job title, whatever your experience level, whatever division you coach at – if you have an idea on how to better our profession or our game, we want to hear it.


Thank you for taking the time to read and process this information, and for your loyal membership in the NABC.


Mike Brey

NABC President

Notre Dame Head Coach