2019 NABC Give Back Team Nomination Form

The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) is now accepting nominations for the NABC Give Back Team. Sports Information Directors/Men's Basketball Contacts, in partnership with their school's Head Coach, are encouraged to nominate a deserving men's basketball student-athlete who is worthy of this prestigious award and the extraordinary recognition opportunities that come with it. Each school is limited to one nomination.

Please note: At least one (1) member of an institution's men's basketball staff MUST be a current NABC member to be eligible to nominate.

The 2019 NABC Give Back Team Award will be presented to 10 men’s college basketball players who:

•   Are actively involved in and committed to working with charitable organizations or service groups on or off campus

•   Display extraordinary devotion to a personal cause in their lives

The honorees will be announced at a date to be determined. 

Below is the criteria for nominating your candidate to the 2019 NABC Give Back Team.


All eligible 2019 nominees must adhere to the following:

1)   Men's basketball student-athletes on active rosters in all NCAA and NAIA divisions who are academically a sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student for the 2018-19 season.

2)   In good standing with their respective institutions.

3)   Student-athletes who have previously been named to the Allstate NABC Good Works Team® or the 2018 NABC Give Back Team are NOT eligible for nomination for the 2019 NABC Give Back Team.

4)   Of outstanding character and demonstrate performance in the classroom.

5)  Actively involved in, and committed to, working with charitable organizations or service groups on or off-campus and/or displayed extraordinary devotion to a personal cause in their lives.  Candidates should show superior dedication in these extracurricular areas.

6)   Free of any felony charges or criminal activities.

Nominee Information:  (All Fields MUST be filled in)

First Name:           Last Name: 




Affiliation:        Division:  


Hometown:           State: 

High School: 

Giving Back: 

Provide a clear explanation below of the nominee's Giving Back:

Nomination Materials:

A particularly compelling feature story, news article, letter of recommendation, photos or any other background material related to the nominee's community service activities can accompany the nomination form.  

Note: High resolution photos are required.

1. Head shot(s) of the nominee, preferably in uniform (hi-res).

2. A basketball action shot of the nominee (hi-res).

3. Two (2) to Four (4) photos of the nominee participating in a community service event (optional but highly recommended).

Please email these supporting materials to Awards@nabc.com.

Please Note:

1. Incomplete forms and failure to submit all documentation will disqualify candidate.

2. Upon submitting this nomination form, you should receive an email confirmation.  If you do NOT receive an email confirmation, please email ricknabc@gmail.com or eric@nabc.com.

3.  The NABC reserves the right to publicize all nominees and honorees.

Nominator's Contact Information: (All fields MUST be filled in)

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If you have any issues or concerns regarding this nomination form or want more information regarding the NABC Give Back Team program, please contact Rick Leddy at ricknabc@gmail.com or Eric Wieberg at eric@nabc.com.